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Workshop "Moderation Masterclass: Key skills in English for chairpersons, moderators and discussion leaders"

- this course is held in English -


Learn powerful and effective methods for conducting all types of meeting from an experienced expert. Pick up the key phrases and techniques that native-speaking facilitators/ meeting leaders use in a wide variety of scenarios. Gain an understanding of a wide variety of meeting activities and agenda structures to provide desired outcomes.

  • Tactful prompting of participants
  • Time-efficiency and keeping to the agenda
  • Maintenance of order and ethical standards
  • Faciliation of decision-making and outcome generation

Chairing Meetings:

    • Before the meeting: what you must do as preparation
    • During the meeting: A breakdown of each phase of the meeting with useful phrases to use in each:
      • Intoduction
      • Agenda overview
      • Keeping focussed
      • Encouraging participation
      • Reaching a decision
      • Agreeing actions, timings and responsibilities
      • Ending well - closing techniques

Moderating meetings:

  • Role and duties of a moderator
  • Moderation communication techniques

A toolbox of techniques...

... for Creative Meetings:

  • Brainstorming
  • Six hat thinking/Using a moderation wall
  • Walt disney strategy/Mind-mapping/Graphic faciliation

...for Planning & Strategy Meetings:

  • Key concept Questions/Action planning
  • Goal Formation: SMART
  • Using a Criteria Matrix

...for Evaluation/Team Discussion Meetings:

  • Ishikawa Fisbone/Fourfield thinking

Dealing with difficult indivduals or scenarios.


Zielgruppe  PhD´s and Postdocs
A lively mix of tutorial, individual exercises and group work. This course requires at least a moderate level of fluency in English (B2 - C1)
Dauer  2 days


Mark Edwards is an English Language & Communications Specialist who worked as a graphic designer and marketing expert in Great Britain for over 22 years. Subsequently, he has worked as the National Training and Development Manager for a network of over three hundred Printing and Graphic Design businesses in the UK, developing and delivering training courses for business owners and their staff on Design Consultancy, Marketing, Management, Sales and Customer Service.
Since 2010, Mark has been successfully delivering specialised English courses in Germany in association with Kompetenzia International. Clients include well-known national companies and major Universities and Research Institutes.

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