Workshop "Scientific and Academic Writing in English"

- this course is held in English -

In scientific & academic writing there are a number of grammar points which frequently cause problems, even for those who have reached a high level of proficiency in English: article usage; the tenses; prepositions; relative pronouns; the gerund and infinitive; inversion; defining and non-defining clauses; punctuation.
In this workshop we will focus on these and other language questions in a systematic manner, while building on your store of academic vocabulary and expressions. There are regular writing tasks to practice the skills learnt, with feedback following each exercise.
All writing skills mentioned below will be examined in the context of a variety of types of writing: general-specific texts, problem-process-solution texts and data commentary texts. In order to improve the written style of a piece of writing that is important to you, please bring one with you, ideally no more than one or two pages.


  • appropriate levels of formality
  • achieving a good ‘flow’ of ideas and expression
  • accuracy in definition
  • describing problems, solutions and outcomes
  • presenting data and data commentary


PhDs and Postdocs
Methodik The seminar comprises inspirational input, exercises, small group work and group discussion.  A lively learning atmosphere is created, and sustainable results obtained.
Dauer  2 days


Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards is an English Language & Communications Specialist who worked as a graphic designer and marketing expert in Great Britain for over 22 years. Subsequently, he has worked as the National Training and Development Manager for a network of over three hundred Printing and Graphic Design businesses in the UK, developing and delivering training courses for business owners and their staff on Design Consultancy, Marketing, Management, Sales and Customer Service.
Since 2010, Mark has been successfully delivering specialised English courses in Germany in association with Kompetenzia International. Clients include well-known national companies and major Universities and Research Institutes.

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