Online-Workshop: Scientific and Academic Writing

Audience-focussed and purpose-oriented communication techniques

It is not about what you want to say, what matters is what your target audience wants to hear – their interests, and not yours. Flex your style and your choice of words to speak in the language that your targets understand and feel comfortable with. Develop the clarity and natural-sounding flow of your writing in a style that suits its purpose - and the preferences of the intended reader.
We also examine common mistakes in English and ‘bust’ a few myths about the rules of English – for example - Finishing a sentence with a preposition? What are you thinking of? And as for starting a sentence with the word ‘and’…. And what about split infinitives?
We additionally focus on bring our writing into the 21st Century by practicing the use of diversity-aware language and following the principles of the plain English campaign.
In conclusion, we explore the special approaches needed for a variety of communication needs including writing grant proposals, preparing effective press releases and writing newsletters.


  • Targeting your message and developing a good structure
  • Editing skills – seeking clarity and brevity
  • Developing the flow of your text
  • Proof-reading and final presentation
  • Common mistakes in English
  • Myths of grammar & style
  • Using diversity-aware language
  • Principles of plain English
  • Top tips for writing press releases
  • Writing newsletters that people want to read

The seminar comprises inspirational input, exercises, small group work and group discussion. A lively learning atmosphere is created, and sustainable results obtained.


Dates and Timetable
April 17 - 19, 2023



status members
University of Potsdam
partner institutions external
PhD 40€ 240€ 290€
Postdoc 60€ 240€ 290€


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The calculation of the fees for this online workshop is the same as for a two-day attendance workshop.



  • Englisch


  • PhD students, Postdocs


  • Mark Edwards

    Mark Edwards is an English Language & Communications Specialist who worked as a graphic designer and marketing expert in Great Britain for over 22 years. Subsequently, he has worked as the National Training and Development Manager for a network of over three hundred Printing and Graphic Design businesses in the UK, developing and delivering training courses for business owners and their staff on Design Consultancy, Marketing, Management, Sales and Customer Service.
    Since 2010, Mark has been successfully delivering specialised English courses in Germany in association with Kompetenzia International. Clients include well-known national companies and major Universities and Research Institutes.

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Mo., 17.04.23, 09:00-
Mi., 19.04.23, 12:00




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