Präsenz-Workshop: Presentation in English

Presenting with confidence in English. Grounding and practice in the methods of presenting projects, concepts, research and ideas in fluent professional English. Building up confidence for an effective presentation technique - key communication and language skills involved in giving presentations.


  • How to create and sustain interest - strong start and strong finish
  • Appropriate structure - sequencing ideas
  • Choice of vocabulary - using cogent language
  • Language aspects - intonation and pronunciation
  • Confidence with your media
  • Strategies for dealing with stage fright
  •  Body language
  •  Developing your personal style


  • Englisch


  • Promovierende, Postdocs


  • Betty Boden

    Her concern for people and an enthusiasm for English led Betty Boden to study Educational Science and English. Several years in international companies followed and she gained experience as Coordinator in Sales and Exports. This operational knowledge informed her bi-lingual career as facilitator and coach, and postgraduate study alongside a variety of further qualifications equipped her to support clients in various contexts e.g. universities, training institutes, companies. She wholeheartedly accentuates clients’ introspection skills so as to foster personal growth. Clients describe her sessions as effective, inspiring and rewarding, and often report enthusiasm at the high level of practical orientation. She is also well-versed in conducting seminars, coachings and workshops online.

    Betty Boden

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Mi. 18.11.20 09:00 -
Do. 19.11.20 17:00




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