Präsenz-Workshop: How to get into the German job market!

For PhD-holders with an international background, it can be a real challenge to get into the German job market at the end of a doctoral or post-doc position. The entry routes into jobs are not always transparent, candidates are often not well-informed about what to expect in the application process and not everyone can offer German language skills. Where and how you can look for a job outside classic academia depends on your qualifications and skills set, on your individual life situation as well as on knowing about possible entry paths, the (unwritten) rules of the game and other additional parameters. This workshop offers assistance with this and will encourage participants not just to prepare for this transition in a focused way but to create an action plan which they can implement.

The workshop has four components:

1. Developing a profile: What can I do and where do I want to work with that? Special emphasis is placed on seeing an international background as an additional strength.

2. Information about the landscape of the German job market for international PhDholders: which areas of work are attractive, what are the legal requirements concerning residence and employment, what are the limits and possibilities in your job search, what ways are there of entering a profession?

3. Planning the next steps: Which factors do I need to consider in planning my next steps (German language skills, how long do I envisage staying in Germany etc.?)

4. Empowerment: Drawing on numerous case studies of international PhD-holders who have successfully entered the German job market, strategies for success will be highlighted. Participants will gain the confidence to get started and concretize their next steps!

In this workshop participants...

  • learn the vital facts about possibilities and challenges that international PhD-holders face on the German job market
  • create their own qualification-based profile and can develop their ideas about different career options
  • are inspired to let their international background strengthen their profile
  • will be empowered by case-studies of numerous international PhD-holders who have already successfully entered the German job-market


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University of Potsdam
partner institutions external
PhD 40€ 240€ 290€
Postdoc 60€ 240€ 290€


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The calculation of the workshop fees for this workshop is analogous to that for a 2-day in-person workshop.


  • Englisch


  • Internationale Postdocs and PhD candidates


  • Dr. Philippa Cook

    Dr. Philippa Cook works as a trainer with a focus on international PhD-candidates and PhDholders. She has an international background herself – born and raised in England – and worked in research and teaching in German academia for several years before she became a trainer.

    Philippa Cook


Mo., 15.05.23, 09:00-
Di., 16.05.23, 16:00




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