Online-Workshop: Scientific and Academic Writing in English

Even for those who have attained a high level of written English, there are many small points of grammar and style that can confuse and hamper the non-native writer.  We will focus on these and other language questions in a systematic manner, while building on your store of academic vocabulary and expressions. There are regular writing tasks to practice the skills learnt, with feedback following each exercise.


  • How to be productive - Essential tips
  • Using appropriate phraseology
  • 3 methods for analysing your structure
  • Achieving a good ‘flow’ of ideas and expression
  • Accuracy in definition
  • Developing your ability to edit your work
  • Presenting data and data commentary
  • Understanding the most common mistakes

This course also offers the opportunity to work on a short piece of your own writing, in collaboration with your colleagues on the course and the native-speaking course leader.

The online workshop (via ZOOM) includes three three-hour webinars. Logistically it works like this: The first and second webinars are tutorials, the third is a virtual workshop. During the first tutorial, the trainer forms groups of three or four people. The small groups exchange e-mail addresses live on the course and send each other their own writing and a copy to the trainer. They have the evenings of the first and second webinars to review their colleagues' writing, and in the third webinar they compare all their notes about each other's work under the trainer's guidance. There is a "wrap session" where the group shares the findings with the group.

Times for online sessions:

2nd, 3rd & 4th November: 9 am - 12 am

The ZOOM-seminar rooms will be open 15 minutes early to allow time for people to log in, and to get some coaching on zoom if they need it.

PLEASE NOTE: The calculation of the workshop costs and the cost price for this online workshop is the same as for a two-day attendance workshop.


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  • Mark Edwards

    Mark Edwards is an English Language & Communications Specialist who worked as a graphic designer and marketing expert in Great Britain for over 22 years. Subsequently, he has worked as the National Training and Development Manager for a network of over three hundred Printing and Graphic Design businesses in the UK, developing and delivering training courses for business owners and their staff on Design Consultancy, Marketing, Management, Sales and Customer Service.
    Since 2010, Mark has been successfully delivering specialised English courses in Germany in association with Kompetenzia International. Clients include well-known national companies and major Universities and Research Institutes.

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