Online-Workshop: English skills for non-native teachers & trainers

Delivering seminars, lectures or teaching English-speaking students when you are not an English native speaker yourself may seem like a daunting challenge. You must be easily understood to lead a course clearly and to hold authority in the seminar room. Work with an experienced native English-speaking trainer and coach to improve your clarity of expression, your accuracy of pronunciation and your spoken communication skills. This one-day workshop will build your confidence and prepare you to be easily understood in the training room, classroom or lecture hall.


  • Task-setting with clarity
  • Precision of language
  • Pronunciation coaching for non-native speakers
  • Asking questions and understanding the answer
  • Checking learning
  • Formulating examination questions or exercise briefings
  • Leading group work
  • Facilitating discussion and brainstorms
  • Asking for and responding to feedback

Times for online sessions:

21 & 22 June, 2021: 9 am - 12 am

PLEASE NOTE: The calculation of the workshop costs and the cost price for this online workshop is the same as for a two-day attendance workshop.


  • Englisch


  • Postdocs, PhD candidates


  • Mark Edwards

    Mark Edwards is an English Language & Communications Specialist who worked as a graphic designer and marketing expert in Great Britain for over 22 years. Subsequently, he has worked as the National Training and Development Manager for a network of over three hundred Printing and Graphic Design businesses in the UK, developing and delivering training courses for business owners and their staff on Design Consultancy, Marketing, Management, Sales and Customer Service.
    Since 2010, Mark has been successfully delivering specialised English courses in Germany in association with Kompetenzia International. Clients include well-known national companies and major Universities and Research Institutes.

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