Präsenz-Workshop: First audition – applying for professorship

The workshop aims to give you insights into the application procedure for professorships (Focus: Germany) – a procedure that is highly formalized but often lacks transparency and differs in many aspects from other application formats in academia. In this seminar, we deal with your written application as well as topic-related and strategic advice for your selection interview, application presentation and demonstration lecture. We focus on different aspects of the appointment procedure, such as typical and critical questions during the selection interview, potential snares during the demonstration lecture, or ambivalent interests among the members of the audition committee. Moreover, we work on how to present yourself and your academic profile successfully and how to emphasize your particular expertise.


Day 1:

Welcome & overview
Behind the curtain: Structure of the appointment procedure (Berufungsverfahren)
Professor wanted: Walking a mile in the committee’s shoes
Applying or not?
- Academic profiling – Shoot at everything that moves!

Application documents – Your admission ticket I
- Job advertisement: recognizing and demonstrating fit

Application documents – Your admission ticket II
- Motivation letter, CV, further documents
- Exercise: Make the academic profile visible (CV & motivation letter)
Research and teaching profile

Invited? Congrats!
- What happens during the ‘audition’?

Day 2:

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
Application presentation (Berufungsvortrag)
- Choosing the topic and title
- Preparation
- 3 min presentation plus video recording
- ‘Committee feedback’

Demonstration lecture
The interview I
- Preparation
- Good questions – great answers

The interview II
- Simulation and analysis
Fashion in science? – How to dress...

Supplementary information:
The seminar includes subsequent process support. The participants have the possibility send their application documents to the trainer when they enter the application phase and receive written receive written feedback on possible improvements.
Gender-sensitive language is used in the seminar. Gender aspects of the individual topics are will be discussed, demonstrated and debated at appropriate points.

ATTENTION: The calculation of the workshop fees for this workshop is analogous to that for a 2-day live workshop.


  • Englisch


  • advanced doctoral students, postdocs, junior research group leaders and junior professors who aspire to a professorship


  • Dr. Dieta Kuchenbrandt

    Dieta Kuchenbrandt

    Dieta Kuchenbrandt holds a doctorate in psychology with additional training as a coach and management consultant (German Psychologists Academy). After several years as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bielefeld and as a substitute professor at the University of Osnabrück, she is now an independent trainer and consultant specializing in the needs of scientists. Her work focuses on career planning for scientists for career paths within and outside Academia, applying for professorships, as well as presenting in an academic context and time management.


Do. 09.06.22 09:00 -
Fr. 10.06.22 17:00




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Telefon +49 331 977-4569